Memoir’s World

About Essencial Furniture

Memoir tells a story from a life presenting the feminine essence, taste and experiences of a unique journey across design.

It provides luxury handmade furniture, made in Portugal, symbols of elegance and sophistication for any project that is integrated. The use of noble materials and hand work techniques that are part of Portuguese history, applied in a current and differentiated way, gave origin to an exquisite brand capable to deliver timeless pieces to any special project. Acquire Memoir is the opportunity to travel through the feminine essence over design and experience a unique experience of timelessness and exclusivity.

Memoir was created by a Lisbon based interior designer who embarked on a new project, the creation of a distinguished furniture collection, that represents her sensations and developing experience as an artist, using materials that touch her the most – marble, gold leaf, exotic woods and metals. A sort of autobiography that came up with her talent, taste and references, brought to life by skilled artisans who are specialized in working these rare materials she. This is Memoir’s true mission, to create pieces that symbolize individuality and elegance, materializing a special way of being in life. As highly personal pieces, each one tells a specific story, an intimacy that is lightly exposed through exuberance and elegance.

Exhibiting for the first time at Maison & Objet, January 2016, Paris, Memoir earned a buzz through the showcase of their first three pieces: Lust chaise-longue, Vanity mirror and Ostentation folding screen. A second appearance in this event was made in January 2017 showcasing pieces as Flame low chair, Splendor and Vanity wall mirrors, Pride coffee table and Secret Cabinet a special piece that was the result of the involvement of handcrafted white marble into individual pieces in a radial arrangement. Furthermore, its inside finds a graceful praise with its simple, yet majestic gold leaf interior.

These were two intense years that consolidated the brand and where was possible to begin this aim to be worldwide. We are grateful for the feedback and proximity created with our public, such as great interior design offices around the world, magazines as Harper’s Bazaar, Living Etc. or the SBID magazine, as well as design lovers across social networks and the exhibitions made.

Memoir is now consolidated and ready to continue its journey delivering what is expected, rare materials, great design, timeless pieces and solutions to the most unique projects worldwide.

Exquisite products through wisdom and design fully merged


Design pieces that recreate visual and sensorial inspirations and feelings in interior design projects.


Memoir will have a selection of products such as furniture, upholstery and accessories designed to enrich sophisticated interiors with the subtlety of form and the delicacy evident in its details. Each designed piece pretends to inspire its user.


Timeless Pieces

We value the design, shape and structure of each product. It’s our mission to ensure that each piece designed by Memoir will be a piece capable of passing by generations, remain elegant and giving the space a timeless elegance desired. will always be pieces of arousing emotions and passing a message through its refinement, details and materials.


Memoir pieces need to have the ability to confer elegance to all spaces where they are inserted, will be the center of attention without the "scream", just as an elegant woman can be elegant through her elegance the pieces will always have that power too.


None of the previous values would be possible without the defense of excellence in every detail in the execution of a piece Memoir, both in design and production, the execution of each detail will pass through the hands of craftsmen accustomed to work with noble materials and Always looking to make better in each piece that goes through the know-how of their hands, the materials are also a great detail always selected with the best care in the best places.


Design has the ability to provoke feelings and emotions, Memoir argues that a Memoir piece should and will always have to provoke desire to acquire it by those who appreciate the world of this brand. Anyone who is inspired by the sophisticated, elegant universe, with taste for pieces that mark and that bring essence to a space will feel desire for the pieces presented by Memoir.



With inspiration in the feminine universe and with the timeless character, where each piece passes a message and a unique sensation, transmitting to the spaces sophistication and elegance.


In the execution of each piece and nobility of the materials used, details and details currently difficult to find in the market, without production in series, guaranteeing each piece a unique character and passing through this attribute a timeless character as well.


Our production capacity where each customer can see their requirements satisfied, each challenge is faced by Memoir with professionalism and something to overcome, where the customer and its needs are always in the first place.