A new Memoir's World is coming up this September

1st of September 2017

After three intense years that consolidated the brand, a new world it's about to begin, Memoir is now giving bigger steps to mature as a brand and to give you all the best.

At this point, Memoir found the need and capability to deliver to its customers and lovers the best solutions in all fields. This way the brand is facing a time for change and improvement after these last years focused on growing, designing and producing. With the new Memoir's world, our customers rely on:

- Production processes where reviewed, all the processes where revised and optimized, bringing more solutions, durability and function combined with an actualization of prices competitiveness, a new pricelist will be presented this September.

- A new website is coming soon, on the 1st September our customers and lovers will have access to a more user-friendly website, with private areas for journalists, with all the content needs supplied as images, press releases and previous publications.

- The other advantage of this new website is to all the professionals that work with us, you will have access to your private account, it will be possible to you to manage your orders, see the latest new products, have the acknowledgment of the production situation point of your orders and work with sales rappel.

These are only the most visible improvements, Memoir will still be working hard to deliver excellence products and service.