Memoir’s collection

"Tell your memoires with this collection and be a memorialist yourself."

“Memoir, a name that declares the love for the ability
to remember the past to improve our present and future.”


Seduire Sofa: 2023 GOOD DESIGN AWARD

With a collection mostly handmade, renowned for creating handmade furniture focused on details and material nobility with it´s origin and production in Portugal, Memoir have created SEDUIRE Sofa. Characterized by an organic and opulent shape, this sofa presents a voluptuous and delicate soft chenille wrapping it´s seat and back.

Winter Wonderland Apartment

In order to celebrate this season Memoir presents you the magic of the winter in this lovely living room, where the soft colors of our SEDUIRE Sofas and SECRET Cabinet are pontuacted by a deep red color in the NEW Center Table Set EUPHORIA.

NEW Dining Area Memoir Parisian Charm

The heart of the home is usually where is prepared and served with so much care a delicious meal, gathering your friends and family while enjoying a magical experience, and the creation of fantastic memories.

"A collection inspired in experienced memories
that come to life through design…”