Memoir’s World
“Memoir: A collection of memories written about life experiences.”

Memoir Essence Interiors has been writing its memoirs day by day, inspired in every detail lived through a feminine world, this world brings the most delicate imaginary. Jewelry, fashion, architecture, music, art and materials are Memoir’s inspirations to materialize a collection of design pieces of furniture, upholstery, lighting and accessories.

The use of noble materials like marble, brass, veneers, gold and silver leaf, Swarovski crystals as other decorative and fine materials, combined with handwork techniques as casted brass, hand-whickered fabric ribbons, gold leaf appliance, marble cutted and puzzled pieces, provide the needed essence to tell memoirs through the designed pieces and the interiors they fulfill.

This collection mostly handmade and focused on details and material nobility is made in Portugal, bringing handwork techniques that are part of Portuguese history, applied in a current and differentiated way, delivering timeless pieces to your special projects. Acquire Memoir is the opportunity to travel through the feminine essence over design and experience a unique “memoir” of timelessness and exclusivity.

Writing is first chapter in 2016, after a journey of inspirational research, forecasting and design, Memoir made its first appearance at Maison et Objet, Paris.

Since then Memoir is “writing” memories adding new materials, designs, techniques and appearances around the world, as in Paris, London or UAE.

Memoir will continue this journey, always motivated by the inspiration possibilities in the many delicate details found in feminine world.
Tell your memoires with this collection and be a memorialist yourself…